Volunteer Stewards


We are looking for new volunteer Stewards for our Preserves. Volunteer Stewards check for problems and perform basic maintenance. This is a great way to learn new trails and really get to know one of the Preserves. It is a wonderful volunteer opportunity for people who want to help outside on their own schedule.

Responsibilities include:

  • Walking the Preserve at least monthly to assess the Preserve and Trail condition.
  • Addressing minor concerns such as updating signs, minor clean up or repair, and acting as an ambassador for the land trust with Preserve visitors.
  • Monitoring the property for problems and reporting any problems to Stewardship staff.
  • Picking up trash and debris.
  • Performing minor trail maintenance (clipping branches, clearing blow downs, refreshing blazes, blocking off unofficial trails, etc.).
  • Reporting larger project needs that may require a team.
  • Keeping brochure boxes stocked.
  • Reporting volunteer hours.
  • Completing an annual monitoring report and giving input on an annual work plan for the Preserve.
  • Being a part of annual trail clean-ups for the trail you Steward.
  • Attending our annual Stewardship training

Volunteer stewards do not have to possess any specialized skills, and training is provided. The time commitment is flexible, but ideally a volunteer steward would visit a Preserve that has a trail once a month and a Preserve with no trail once per year.

To sign-up to be a Preserve Steward e-mail our Stewardship and Outreach Coordinator, Toby Jacobs, at toby@prlt.org.