PRLT new Property on the Presumpscot River

Most Recent Property Protected Along the Presumpscot River
excerpted from PRLT Summer 2009 Newsletter
-written by Allene & Peter Bowler, Gorham
Plumbowl Property
“Plum” is for my Aunt and Uncle, Harris & Francis Plummer, who left this land to us. They were very good stewards of this land, as were their families before them, who date back to before Maine was a State. The “Bowl” is for our last name, Bowler. Peter and I, with our four children, have always enjoyed the many National Parks across the USA . We have always felt that our little piece of land here should also be protected from development. It has many varieties of trees, plants, birds, and animals as well as several vernal area ponds for frogs and salamanders. The land abuts the Presumpscot River , with 1350 feet of river frontage. It also includes the old Cumberland/Oxford Canal and Towpath which is along sections of the river. The Presumpscot Regional Land Trust was the avenue we took to protect the land for perpetuity. We signed in August of 2008 the final Deed of Conservation Easement. There will now be no further development on this 27 acre parcel of land. We appreciated having an assigned steward from the Land Trust. Forrest Bell, a volunteer and Trustee of the PRLT agreed to review our land for the coming years, making sure it is kept the way Peter and I have agreed to with the Land Trust. It is a very nice feeling that we have been able to continue protecting these 27 acres in perpetuity. It is very special to us. A special thanks to the Presumpscot Regional Land Trust.